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After Registration and Payment Please check your email for username and password to continue in course enrolment stage.
The enrolment form only needs to be completed ONCE, please ignore further prompts once completed.

As an interim measure, all reference materials and assessment can be viewed at the bottom of this introduction page. Practical demonstrations examples along with your assessment can be emailed to with your USI and Surname as the subject.

Product label/SDS examples mentioned in the assessment can be found at the bottom of this page, or alternatively in the Product Label chapter.

This training and assessment process has been compiled to enable you to complete your training and assessment with a minimum of fuss.

The reference material presented here has been compiled as an efficient method to introduce you to material aimed at addressing current issues facing chemical users.

If you are completing your accreditation for the first time a comprehensive reference guide has also been included in your manual.

The agricultural and veterinary chemical field is an enormous one and no attempt can be made to cover all aspects.

At the completion of this accreditation process it is anticipated that you will not only have successfully completed your necessary assessment but also have gained additional skills in the safe and effective use of agvet products and the benefits of best practice procedures in their use.

For each section, you will be referred to relevant links that not only provides you with information to complete the assessment, but are sources that continually give updates for future chemical use.

Each page will also contain non assessable material that is of benefit to you and will assist with future chemical use.

Workcover NSW video

Reference Material:

AQF3 Manual September 2019 Colour Web
Label and SDS booklet Nov 2019 with cover

Assessment activities:

AQF3 Assessment Activities 26.11.2019 Online