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Chemical Use Application

The basic rule of reading the product label prior to this point is of high importance. Using the instructions from the product label you will be able to determine the best method of application, and also how to eliminate associated risks.


Calibrating spray equipment involves measuring the output from each jet/nozzle, working out the volume of water applied per hectare and calculating the pesticide that needs to be added to the spray tank to give the correct application rate per hectare.

The following links contain information related to assessment.

Chemical Use Application

Boom mixing guide

Quad bikes

Basal bark etc includes videos

Safe use of chemicals

1080 Guide

This page is a general guide for people who after required training are authorised to purchase and use 1080 bait products. It provides background information about 1080 and general guidance on how to comply with the rules set out in your state/ territory.

The following links set out in detail the conditions on the use of all 1080 pesticide products for the control of wild dogs, foxes, feral pigs and rabbits respectively.